"Agribusiness tomorrow and today" – the training seminar for farmers by IMG Partners was held in Chernihiv

24 November 2016

Leading specialists of IMG Partners, partners and lawyers served as speakers of the training seminar "Agribusiness tomorrow and today",  which was held in Chernigov on November 24, 2016 with the assistance of the Chernihiv Regional Council.

Realizing the needs of the industry from their own experience in farming, which comprises now more than 6 years, the IMG Partners' specialists organized the program from the practical point of view and focused on the issues of protecting the land bank, optimizing the taxation system and choosing cost-effective forms of farming.

Representatives of 50 farms, associations and agribusinesses from virtually all areas of the Chernihiv region participated in the event.

We are grateful to the Chernihiv Regional Council for the promotion of the agrarian sector and for organizing the seminar!