IMG Partners held a workshop "Agribusiness Today and Tomorrow" for representatives of agribusiness in Dnipro on June 22, 2017 with support of the Meet Professionals event company!


According to the survey "Legal Awards 2017" IMG Partners Law firm was included in the Top 5 of the leading law firms in the "Law Firm of the Year in the agricultural domain!"


Mykola Struts, trustee in bankruptcy, a lawyer, a partner of IMG Partners became a Speaker of II School of Agribusiness and Land Law of UBA Students League which was held on March 4, 2016 in the city. Kiev.


IMG Partners were recognized as the leading legal company of Ukraine in the agricultural sector according to the "Recognition ranking of legal companies by branches" carried out within the framework of the study "50 leading law firms of Ukraine". IMG Partners scored 122 points in the category of...


Leading specialists of IMG Partners, partners and lawyers served as speakers of the training seminar "Agribusiness tomorrow and today",  which was held in Chernigov on November 24, 2016 with the assistance of the Chernihiv Regional Council. Realizing the needs of the industry from their own...

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23 May 2017

Armed with the knowledge of the typical raider attacks and effective legal strategies to counter them, you can protect your business from unauthorized capture, because...

1 May 2017

To prevent raider captures, domestic agribusiness needs land bank managers

3 April 2017

Recently, in agrarian circles, they are talks about the opening of the land market. However,  the problem of preserving the land bank is no less important, as it is the main...

20 March 2017

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to imagine the life of an ordinary man without the Internet. With the help of the Internet we learn the latest news, exchange information,...

23 August 2016

How much money agricultural startup is needed and what salary is received professional agronomists, what does not suffice for the development of Ukrainian village? - These and...