Mykola Struts, trustee in bankruptcy, a lawyer, a partner of IMG Partners became a Speaker of II School of Agribusiness and Land Law of UBA Students League which was held on March 4, 2016 in the city. Kiev.


IMG Partners were recognized as the leading legal company of Ukraine in the agricultural sector according to the "Recognition ranking of legal companies by branches" carried out within the framework of the study "50 leading law firms of Ukraine". IMG Partners scored 122 points in the category of...


Leading specialists of IMG Partners, partners and lawyers served as speakers of the training seminar "Agribusiness tomorrow and today",  which was held in Chernigov on November 24, 2016 with the assistance of the Chernihiv Regional Council. Realizing the needs of the industry from their own...


On November 16, 2016 a long-awaited event for domestic farmers took place: a new method of normative monetary evaluation of agricultural lands was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The reason for adopting the new methodology was the need to harmonize the conditions for land...


 The team of the IMG Partners' lawyer association congratulates the lawyer, Andrei Ponomarenko, with the successful passing of the exam of the trustee in insolvency! Having joined the team in 2012 as an assistant of the lawyer, Andrei worked under the guidance of the partner of the Association,...

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28 August 2017

One of the hottest topics for discussion in Ukrainian society is perspectives of future free land market in Ukraine.

1 August 2017

The main currency in business relations with shareholders is trust and social guarantees!

21 June 2017

Each forwarder has a "his" contract, which provides all the "privileges" possible for the forwarder and are not favorable for the client. What to draw attention to?

5 June 2017

According to statistics for the past few years half of the agricultural machinery has been written off as required by domestic legislation (in accordance with the current...

23 May 2017

Armed with the knowledge of the typical raider attacks and effective legal strategies to counter them, you can protect your business from unauthorized capture, because...