On November 16, 2016 a long-awaited event for domestic farmers took place: a new method of normative monetary evaluation of agricultural lands was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The reason for adopting the new methodology was the need to harmonize the conditions for land...


 The team of the IMG Partners' lawyer association congratulates the lawyer, Andrei Ponomarenko, with the successful passing of the exam of the trustee in insolvency! Having joined the team in 2012 as an assistant of the lawyer, Andrei worked under the guidance of the partner of the Association,...


IMG Partners acted as informational partner of IRAN EXPO 2016, the International Exhibition which took place in Kiev on October, 26-29 and united together representatives of Ukraine and Iran.


Lawyers of IMG Partners successfully represented interests of Danish transport company Dealex Chartering ApS in the case of debt collection from PJSC “NJSC “Chornomornaftogas”.The amount of debt to be paid to the Client reaches more than USD 1.8 million.The dispute between the parties was...


On 16-th of June an Agrarian Law Committee session was held that was organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association was held. Managing partner of IMG Partners Attorneys at law Ihor Melnyk as a chairman of Agrarian Law Committee took an active participation in this session.

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Armed with the knowledge of the typical raider attacks and effective legal strategies to counter them, you can protect your business from unauthorized capture, because...

1 May 2017

To prevent raider captures, domestic agribusiness needs land bank managers

3 April 2017

Recently, in agrarian circles, they are talks about the opening of the land market. However,  the problem of preserving the land bank is no less important, as it is the main...

20 March 2017

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to imagine the life of an ordinary man without the Internet. With the help of the Internet we learn the latest news, exchange information,...

23 August 2016

How much money agricultural startup is needed and what salary is received professional agronomists, what does not suffice for the development of Ukrainian village? - These and...