IMG Partners and DLG Ukraine Signed a Memorandum about Cooperation

21 September 2017
IMG Partners, attorneys at law, and DLG Ukraine LLC signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at promoting harmonious development of Ukraine's agro-sector.

DLG Ukraine LLC is a subsidiary of the German Agricultural Society DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft), an economically and politically independent organization that is open to all professionals in the field of agriculture.

Founded in 1885, DLG is the leading sectoral organization of the European agrarian and food sector. It unites more than 25 thousand progressive agricultural producers, suppliers of machinery, equipment and other means of production for agricultural holdings, as well as agricultural producers.

Main activities of DLG: information gathering, experience sharing and knowledge dissemination; testing of food products, means of production, agricultural machinery, forage, fertilizers, organization of international specialized exhibitions: AGRITECHNICA, Euro Tier, Energy Decentral, etc.

In 2017, DLG launched an annual International Field Days Ukraine field exhibition in Ukraine.