IMG Partners successfully protected the interests of the international group of companies Freedom Farm in dispute with the Commercial Bank “Nadra” on the release of the pledged property worth over UAH 30 million.

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28 August 2017

One of the hottest topics for discussion in Ukrainian society is perspectives of future free land market in Ukraine.

1 August 2017

The main currency in business relations with shareholders is trust and social guarantees!

21 June 2017

Each forwarder has a "his" contract, which provides all the "privileges" possible for the forwarder and are not favorable for the client. What to draw attention to?

5 June 2017

According to statistics for the past few years half of the agricultural machinery has been written off as required by domestic legislation (in accordance with the current...

23 May 2017

Armed with the knowledge of the typical raider attacks and effective legal strategies to counter them, you can protect your business from unauthorized capture, because...