The subscriber is immense

29 November 2017
In IMG Partners, subscriber customer service is a widespread practice. Moreover, recently, the number of customers who are in this service is increasing. This is due to the fact that such a form of service is very convenient if there is a periodic need for highly qualified legal services.

In this case, the determining role is played by both the value of legal services and quality. So, subscriber services are often cheaper than their lawyers, moreover, a law firm can fully provide services in any area of law, as opposed to a full-time lawyer who is usually a specialist in only a few spheres.

With subscriber service, we usually fix a client of one of the partners, which communicates directly with him. In turn, the partner distributes work to resolve issues that disturb the client between the relevant lawyers depending on the specialization. In practice, situations can be different. For example, when servicing agrarian companies involved in servicing a client, there are usually specialists in agrarian and land law, as well as tax, corporate or international law, depending on the client's request. If this is the service of a transport company with contractual work, then directly involved in transport law.

We believe that customer service can only be maintained through a high-quality service. And we distinguish here two aspects: the quality of legal services and service. The main emphasis is placed on the success, the success of the solution of the relevant issue and the achievement of the desired result by the client. Nevertheless, an important role is played by the service, which includes many indicators, among which we distinguish efficiency, communication, comfort of interaction, individualization, etc. The main indicator is the level of satisfaction of our client. And it is the level of satisfaction with quality and service and affects customer loyalty.

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