Today agribusiness is not only a profitable and profitable business, but also a profitable investment.


Today more and more cases are encountered, when inheritance can reach not only an apartment or a car, but also a debt obligation.


Agribusiness nowadays attracts investors and raiders today. And this, of course, adds more value to him. As a lawyer, I want to share my personal experience in building an agribusiness protection system from raider attacks, as well as how to reduce theft at work.


Due to its legal nature, the bankruptcy procedure is quite complicated, but it does not prevent it from gaining momentum today. The financial crisis in our country, on the contrary, pushes business entities to such a step. And agricultural enterprises are no exception.

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latest news

21 September 2017

IMG Partners, attorneys at law, and DLG Ukraine LLC signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at promoting harmonious development of Ukraine's agro-sector.

16 September 2017

Vitaliy Yankovich, attorney at law of IMG Partners, acted as a speaker of the Western Ukrainian Congress of Berry Producers organized by the "Innovative Farmers and...

12 September 2017

Igor Melnik, the Managing Partner of IMG Partners attorneys at law, and Olga Osipchuk, the lawyer, held a working meeting with Mr. Mohammad Beheshti-Monfared, Ambassador...

4 August 2017

One of the hottest topics for discussion in Ukrainian society is perspectives of future free land market in Ukraine. Igor Melnyk, Managing Partner of IMG Partners, an attorney...

22 June 2017

IMG Partners held a workshop "Agribusiness Today and Tomorrow" for representatives of agribusiness in Dnipro on June 22, 2017 with support of the Meet Professionals event company!