Public procurement

Public procurement practice is a new practice of IMG Partners Attorneys at Law, established at the end of 2014. Decision about establishment of this practice was adopted after signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, which, on the one hand, provides mutual access to public procurement market on equal terms for both sides, but, on the other hand, determines adaptation of all rules and regulations relating to public procurement in Ukraine to EU rules.

Attorneys of IMG Partners have carefully investigated EU Directives, which regulate public procurement procedures in Europe and have analyzed European practice relating to this issue. As of today we are ready to consult our clients on participation in public procurement both in Ukraine and abroad.

Key services

  • consultation on public procurement procedures in Ukraine and EU countries;
  • provision of conclusions relating to suppliers’ compliance to tender requirements;
  • consultation on tender documentation preparation;
  • assistance in preparation of documents for confirmation of financial and economic state of tender customer, its technical and professional possibilities;
  • consulting and representation of clients’ interests in cases of appeal of public procurement results.